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BetBright and Netflix Come Together
BetBright and Netflix Come Together

Netflix, much to everyone’s surprise, has already been mentioned on LCB: despite not having much to do with iGaming or gambling in general, when Springbok Casino unveiled their top Netflix picks, the news didn’t go unnoticed...

...And perhaps that was when operators and gambling groups at large saw the potential of this on-demand streaming service, because right now we have a new story: Dublin based, BetBright, aims to bring the community functionality of Netflix and combine it with their own sports betting service, BetFeed.

What it Does

BetFeed will, apart from providing the top-notch sports betting experience to its users, will now offer a multimedia, interactive digital experience.

The platform will offer insight into events and bets that are trending and popular with people, the users will be able to learn about this in real-time and engage in social interaction. Bets can be copied from a scrollable feed and pasted into bet slip.

Real-time offers on BetFeed can be refreshed every 30 seconds. This platform, in general, was introduced in order to maintain the fantastic growth momentum the company has had last year – its total income has tripled in 2017 and this year’s profits are expected to exceed $35 million.

The Official’s Two Cents

Sarne Lightman, BetBright’s Managing Director, states: “Whether it’s Facebook, Netflix or Spotify, the modern digital consumer is used to being able to like and follow trending social feeds and content, from their friends’ photos to their movie and music choices. Until now, traditional sportsbooks have lacked even the most basic social functionality leaving customers betting in a vacuum with nothing but the odds as evidence to what other users might be doing around them.”


“BetBright brings Netflix tech to betting slips”,, July 27, 2018.



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