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LCB Shop Items Now Geo-Located
LCB Shop Items Now Geo-Located

Attention LCB'ers – especially those of you who are avid visitors of our Shop!

During the past few days, we were working on some adjustments and implementations that are going to improve the user experience and the overall feel of the Shop as we prepare to add even more items and make it as awesome as it can possibly get at this point. One of the consequences of this improvement is that our shop items are now geo-located.

What does that mean? Well, you've probably noticed during the past few days that some of the items that used to be there seemingly aren't anymore. They are – it's just that you cannot see them all due to your own location. In other words, if you live in the country that is restricted from the item, this restriction will prevent you from seeing it on your end. You will also not be able to see the item or a bonus restricted from a country even though you can see and play at the casino the item is from.

Also, Brazilian and Hungarian fans, take note – as per rule 11 of our Shop Terms and Conditions, cash items have been restricted to members from these two countries. This rule came into full effect in March 2014, so if you are from Brazil or Hungary and you are a member from before March 2014, let us know so we can sort your purchases out manually! You can contact our admin, Blueday, in regards to this.

You can also use the forum thread in the above link to report any mishaps and issues you may be experiencing with the geo-location of our shop items as well as reach out to Blueday if you'd like to complete a manual purchase no matter where you're from.

The Shop has been a major success with LCB'ers (and continues to be) as we have awarded a whopping $247,130 in items from 30690 claims up to this point.



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