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Belarus Opens To Online Gambling
Belarus Opens To Online Gambling

A country in Eastern Europe and ex-Soviet republic, Belarus, has legalized online gambling with a decree signed by the president, Alexander Lukashenko, himself. The regulation deals with licensing, taxation and online activities within the country’s borders, as well as control over casinos’ turnover.

Belarus’ new laws about gambling come into effect after a long transitional period, during which online gaming services were forbidden outside of lottery ticket-sales. The introduction of a government-operated portal was speculated back in 2012, but due to the authority restrictions it never saw light of day until now (citizens weren’t allowed to access sites that don’t use a .by domain).

Strict Criteria

Online gambling in Belarus will be closely monitored and controlled, as a result of strict requirements and conditions of the Decree No 305. Offering online gambling services in the country will require a gambling license and a security deposit. This means that the payment of winnings in case of financial bankruptcy demands a special bank account.

The regulatory act also requires from online casino owners a clear remote access to virtual gambling establishments…

and it must be connected to a special system which gives control over the income flow.

Increased Age Limit

President Lukashenko has also set up a wide array of measures to minimize harmful effects of gambling by raising the age limit from 18 to 21.

Land-based casinos are also affected by the decree, which institutes parlors to install video surveillance systems to prevent people from lending money to gamble. Online betting shops will also undergo identity checks and additional licensing specifics.

Reduced Tax Rates

Cutting down the outflow of money to offshore companies is the country’s number one concern. The government expects that players’ access to foreign gaming platforms will decrease in the next period, making room for Belorussian providers to see a surge in revenues. Finally, the proposed reduction in taxes should help operators in conducting short-term tournaments, promotions and other deals, as using gambling equipment temporarily will instate lower tax rates.



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